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[29 Nov 2004|04:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

This is for bridgette so ignore if you don't want to read it.

You Know You're Addicted to LotR When...

You start quoting from the movie as part of regular conversation.

You like to tell your mom that you are hungry by quoting: "Merry, I'm hungry."

She used to just laugh, but now she says, "What would you like to eat, Pippin?"

You continually ask your parents for second breakfast.

All the staff at your local cinema knows you by your first name and even before you open your mouth to speak, they say "Ticket for 'Fellowship of The Ring?'"

You hate Burger King food, butyou ate nothing else for a month to get the toys.

You've crammed up your computer's memory by downloading every single screensaver from www.LordoftheRings.net

You wander around the house in a knee length nightie, pyjama trousers and an unfastened dressing gown (to give you a train). You are trying to be an elf, and actually manage to forget that the nightie is blue with dolphins, the trousers have teddies on and the dressing gown is tartan.

Your Lord of the Rings shirt has not yet met the washing machine.

You don't have enough money to buy groceries for the next week before payday, yet you charge £50 on your credit card to get a three year charter membership in the official LOTR fan club. Who needs food anyway?

You refer to parts of your town as parts of Middle-Earth.

You wear hobbitish clothing as part of your normal wardrobe.

You sometimes let your hair go curly after a wash, and then run around the house in bare feet yelling "I'm a hobbit!"

You hate it when Elves are only thought of as 'Santa's little helpers' and have tried to explain the difference between Santa-elves and Syrian Elves to your 5-year old cousins.

You speak in Quenya just to annoy your friends.

You refer to regular elephants as oliphaunts.

While buttering a piece of bread, you suddenly think of Bilbo (remember when he was talking to Gandalf about feeling tired) saying that he felt 'like butter spread over too much bread.'

You renamed your car the Wraith-mobile.

You have a replica of The One Ring.

You are beginning to resemble a panda due to the fact that you've stayed up until 2 am reading and re-reading the great books.

You actually managed to read the Silmarillion without being tempted to give up on this whole middle earth malarkey.

You now have a lifetime fear of black horses!

You haven't removed the soundtrack from your CD player since you bought it.

You have sssudenly developed a hisssing lisssp every time you sssay the letter ssss.

You have looked both on the net and in the phone book to see if archery and sword fighting lessions are offered in your area.

You have begun calling your husband / wife / girlfriend/ boyfriend / animal or kid my precioussss.

You happily traveled over an hour to the next town to see "it" because that theater has a better sound system than the one 5 minutes down the road.

You have called every theatrical or specialty makeup company in town looking for pointy ear or hairy feet prosthetics.

You've worn your plastic "one ring" that came on your Legolas bookmark so much the gold is completely worn off.

You've begun drafting a letter to the Webster's dictionary people requesting that they include "Ringers" in their next edition.

At Christmas time relatives find you chatting with the tree and sharing eggnog draughts

Single ads with the description," short plump and big hairy feet" seem much more appealing.

You know The LoTR history better then your family history.

You have a mouse named Frodo, a bird named Gollum, and a dog named Gandalf. And that cat that keeps coming around to be petted is Legolas.

You know Elvish better then English.

Whenever something goes wrong, it's Sauron's fault.

When you sing in the shower, it's always about Gil-Galad or hobbit walking songs...

You know everything about Middle Earth geography, but you can't get someone from your house to the ice cream parlor. Now the nearest movie theater, that is a different story.

You think the names of the 7 dwarves from Snow White are: Gimli, Gloin, Thorin, Gili, Nili, Ori, and Bambour.

You have developed your own special Tolkien handwriting. "A firm, flowing script..."

Words like "Yrch" make sense to you.

You've become strangely obsessed with mushrooms.

Whenever you close a door, you say "They have a cave troll!"

When you come to a dead end you're still convinced that the road goes ever on and on.

There's a sign on your door saying "Speak Friend and enter!"

Whenever you get a chance, you burst into song. Preferably one that has more than 20 verses.

You change your name by deed poll to a Tolkien character and seriously consider naming your children after LOTR characters.

Every time you see birds in the sky you have the urge to say "Fly you fools!"

When someone knocks on your door you grab them, pull them inside and ask "Are you frightend?... Not nearly frightend enough!"

Your computer's screensaver is a marquee reading, "Ennyn Durin atan Moria: pedo mellon a mino" and the password is actually "mellon".

You cannot see a beer without blurting out "It comes in pints? I'm getting one!"

You just can't keep yourself from saying "nobody tosses a Dwarf" at inappropriate moments.

A shadow and a threat is growing in your mind.

You now referring to your friends as your 'Fellowship' and insist that you have epic adventures.

You stand in the doorway and tell your cat that he 'Can not pass'.

You wash your face in the sink and expect to see things that are, that have been or that will be.

Your wedding band has started to weigh you down with it's evil powers.

Spending $35 at the grocery store seems expensive but its Perfectly fine to spend $70 on the Hardcover LOTR book with Alan Lee Illustrations.

You start keeping a LOTR Journal to write poems and inklings in.

You face every difficult decision with the thought "now what would Gandalf advise me to do?"

You know what Entmoot, Ent draught, or an Ent is for that matter

You've gained 20 pounds because you've started eating a "Second Breakfast"

A walking stick... you never leave home with out it.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Lord of the Rings.

Get Your Own Addicted Meme Here

More cool things for your blog at
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[10 Nov 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

 Heyeveryone. Yeah I'm really bored and i'm sorry i'm posting so much stuff but i reallydon't have a lot to talk about. Well actually. SSIC on Friday was so great. Rachel and I got there around 6:15 and we were about part of the last half let in. Sold out but it was so worth the $7. They made the funniest jokes and Rachel and i thought it was so sad because now we are thinking about how much we are going to miss everyone once we leave high school. It makes me so sad. Anyway onto a lighter subject. I have saome icons for you guys to see and if you want them you can take them. The twins one is by melody. The ian jazz hands is credited to i don't remember who but if you read this i did credit you. Enjoy

 Cuz i luv jimmy so much

 I luv this one. Its my favorite quote from the twins and mel made it for me.

 This one is for Katy. credit for this is Angie376.

 Another one for Katy. Credit for this is elizabethmk

 I might make this one my icon. credit for this is melsibellie

 and of course this one is for katy. Credit is dance_diva1213.

 Thanx for reading this you guys and please comment. I'm so lonesome these days. lol buh bye

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[25 Oct 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Here In Pleasantville
The Wallflowers
(Red Letter Days)

If you could see yourself
The way that I do
You might change
A thing or two
You wouldn’t look so angry
You’d know it doesn’t
Look good on you
So grab your coat
Grab your hat
There ain’t no saying
If we’re coming back
Cause?something’s gone
So terribly wrong
Here in Pleasantville

Do you remember
How we’d stay out so late
We used to have
So much fun
We used to wish that the morning sun
Just wouldn’t ever come
But look at us now
We’re tucked in tight
We’re just praying for a little light
Cause?something’s gone
So terribly wrong
Here in Pleasantville

I need to tell you now
As we leave
That it’s much worse
Than you would believe
And no matter how far
You think you’ve been

The beginning
Is where you are
So I’m using my last match
To put a fire up on every hill
And burn down Pleasantville

We never did learn
How to use our voices
We never thought
That we’d be heard
The only way they ever listen
Is if we sream every word
Caouse?there’s nothing
In our walk
That just ain’t the kind of luck we’ve got
So let’s move on
Cause?something’s gone
So terribly wrong
Here in Pleasantville

If anyone likes the wallflowers, this is a really pretty song. kinda ironic but oh well. I'm getting ready to go to dance and i'm really tired. Why has nobody commented on my lj in forever? well Canterbury beat Wellington ( to anyone who understands) and justin marshall was playing which means his knee is better. I have heard rumors that after the 2006 all blacks team season is over, he might retire and just play in the super 12. Which i don't mind as much. I luv justin. Dan is also great!!! Um working on my essay still. Its coming along pretty nicely. 4 pages is looking good as i near the end of it. I'm trying a new diet of cutting out sweets and soda and trying to eat my servings of fruit and veggies everyday. Well i gotta go and you all better comment.

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A Note from Sleeper and Napper [16 Oct 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey everyone. I had a blast last night. The best time i think i have ever had. It started when Rachel picked me up to go with her to the homecoming game at moorpark high against Newberry Park. The game itself was boring but the halftime theme was pirates of the carribean. The girls from the dance team weren't as good as our dance team but they still put on a great show. Then there were some fireworks and we sat with some of rachel's friends that she hadn't seen in quite some time. Then the game was getting boring so we left after half time and drove around until we found this park and we decided to get out and go play on the jungle gym, but as i was crossing the bridge that shakes i saw my worst nightmare. This HUMONGOUS Spider. And i showed rachel and she flipped because she had passed right next to it going down the firepole. Then we decided to go on the swings and just talk about our religions and family and our futures. THen we heard the football game anounce the winning 50/50 ticket because we weren't that far away so we ran to the car to find out tickets but we didn't win. Then we got in the car and decided to go get some ice cream and go rent some movies to take back to my place. Then we were going down easy street and we passed the ice skating rink and we got the idea of having a snow fight with the snow they clear out to the back behind the rink. Then we decided we should go kidnap melody because she wouldn't come to the game with us. Then i decided to call her dad to tell him that we were coming and to just let him know. here's how my call went.
Melody picks up the phone " Hello?"
" Hi, I'm calling for Mr.Shee. May i please talk to him?"
" Um he's not here right now. Can i take a message?"
" Pardon?"
" He's not here right now can i take a message?"
" Who is this?"
" His daughter"
" Melody?"
" Yes"
" Are you still awake?"
" Yes I am"
" Ok goodnite"
LOL rachel said i sounded like a stalker when i hung up. So we get to her house and her brother answers the door. We tell him we are coming to kidnap her and he goes to get her. As soon as she sees us she shuts the door but we get in anyway. So we are about to put the blindfold on her whewn she want's to go get dressed cuz she's in her pj's. So we let her go get dressed and i'm looknig for a pen and paper. Well i use a paper towel which made it look like a pretty authentic ransom note i thought. Anyway so she was taking a long time so i go to see whats taking so long. Its already 10:30 to let you know. So then we find out she called her parents and her dad said he trusted me and we could take her. So then about 15 minutes later we finally get her in the car. We have decided that rachel and i shouldn't condier going into the business of kidnapping people because we let them do whatever they need to do before we leave. Then we get to easy street and find out there is no snow but there is this cute guy playing hockey in the back. And he is looking at us realy weirdly becaue it is 11:00 at night we have melody blindfolded in the front. And then we needed to pull over at the exit so i could tell rachel where wo should take her now. As we were leaving down easy street heading to moorpark we were joking about how the guy is probably calling the police about a girl who is blindfolded and he had enough time to get out license when we stopped. So then we decide to go over these railroad tracks and we get some air. Its funny cuz melody is blindfolded and doesn't know when its coming. So we said oh we should go to malibu. So sicne she is still blindfolded i pretend to call her brother and tell him what happened. Then she wanted me to call her dad because she was freaknig out about being in so much trouble. So i pretended to call him and my parents. Then rachel called her parents and we got on the freeway but we were heading back to simi but melody didn't know that and thought we were headed to malibu. So we said we should stop at rachel's "ranch" which turned out to be the park. Then we pretend to be tsalking to her horse when we pull off her blindfold and she can't stop laughing. So then we went back to my house and had some ice cream and watched part of complete savages which mum had recorded earlier. It was so much fun. THen we took melody home. She know has a new nickname. Malibu Melmel. It rocks and so rachel is sleeper and i'm napper. we had so much fun. Watch out all of you. You might be next.
Anyway yeah so i hope you guys had fun reading that and don't forget to talk to me by leaving a comment. I haven't even started my essay yet. Bad erin.
Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
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2. friends score: 18
3. art score: 14
4. sleeping score: 14
5. dancing score: 13
6. swimming score: 13
7. reading score: 13
8. photography score: 13
9. food score: 12
10. shopping score: 11
11. clothes score: 10
12. writing score: 9
13. love score: 9
14. books score: 9
15. poetry score: 9
16. laughing score: 8
17. shoes score: 8
18. candles score: 7
19. singing score: 7
20. running score: 7

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[13 Oct 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Reason For LJ Username:
MSN Nickname:
Reason For MSN Nickname:
Do You Enjoy Reading My LJ(P.S. Yes, you do):
Why(in regards to above question):
Interesting Fact About You:
Weird Fact About You:
Favourite Quote:
Will You Post This In Your LJ:


1. A Movie:
2. A Book:
3. A band song from album:
4. A LJ User Not On My Friends List:
5. Something To Do In The Next Two Months:

Here's a really pretty song and its so depressing but really good

Hello : evanescence
playground school bell rings again
rain clouds come to play again
has no one told you she's not breathing?
hello i'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

if i smile and don't believe
soon i know i'll wake from this dream
don't try to fix me i'm not broken
hello i'm the lie living for you so you can hide
don't cry

suddenly i know i'm not sleeping
hello i'm still here
all that's left of yesterday

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OMG I'm hyperventilating and i'm not even talking to them. [11 Oct 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

here are some live chats between AB rugby fans and some players from the team. There is justin marshall ( the oldest guy i think i have ever liked, 33 i think)and one other teammate. I hope you enjoy!!! Read only if you have TONS of Time!!!!1
Read more...Collapse )

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[10 Oct 2004|01:17pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

[First job]: bookstore in the library
[First screen name]:trainangl
[First pet]: trixi the corgi
[First piercing/tattoo]: Ears
[First credit card]: nh1
[First Kiss]: Don't ask... =X
[First true love]: haha! Umm... Stephen
[First enemy]: I don't think i've had an enemy, but maybe candace lewis
[First big trip]: America when i was 4
[First concert]:Matchbox Twenty about 2 years ago now
[First musician you remember hearing in your house]: OMG Cliff Richard, mum loved him
[First room color]: don't remember
[First crush]: i think 5th grade it was robert greeco
[First time drunk]: I've never gotten drunk..
[First grade teacher]: mrs. winters/mrs.gardner

[Last car ride]: yesterday
[Last magazine you read]: oh the all blacks magazine mum found in the closet about 20 minutes ago. I luv it. Its like 20 years old with all these coins with the players pictures engraved. Its in mint condition so maybe its worth a small fortune.
[Last card game played]: I haven't played cards in forever. i think while i was in NJ over the summer
[Last call]: maria about my schedule for work
[Last kiss]:NBK
[Last library book checked out]: i don't go to the library so i don't remember
[Last beverage drank]: shasta fruit punch
[Last food consumed]: a cheese bagel
[Last time showered]: saturday morning
[Last CD played]: coldplay i think
[Last annoyance]: my brother in church
[Last soda drank]: um i think it was sprite a few days ago.
[Last ice cream eaten]: I don't recall
[Last shirt worn]: my marron one with a white singlette underneath

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Daughters [28 Sep 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

This is a beautiful song and the first time i heard it i cried. I think my dad should listen to it and GET OFF MY BACK!!!! and leave me alone. anyway here are the lyrics and i hope you enjoy this song.

John Mayer
(Heavier Things)

i know a girl
she puts the color inside of my world
she's just like a maze
where all of the walls all continually change

I've done all i can
to stand on the steps with my heart in my hands
Now i started to think
maybe its got nothing to do with me.

so fathers be good to your daughters,
daughters will love like you do,
girls become lovers who turn into mothers
so mothers be good to your daughters too.


Oh you see that skin
its the same shes been standing in
since the day you two met
i bet i was on your mind
never ever any time

Oh yeah

so fathers be good to your daughters,
daughters will love like you do, yeah
girls become lovers who turn into mothers
so mothers be good to your daughters too.

boys you can break
find out how much they can take
boys will be strong and
boys soldier on
but boys would be gone
without warmth of a woman's good good heart

on behalf of every man
looking out for every girl
you are the god and the weight of her world
on behalf of ever man
who's looking out for every girl
you are the god and you are the weight of her world

so fathers be good to your daughters,
daughters will love like you do,
girls become lovers who turn into mothers
so mothers be good to your daughters too
so mothers be good to your daughters too
so mothers be good to your daughters too

I hope you all can apply this to yourself in some way,shape or form. I luv you all and i'll talk to you all later.

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My fun Friday and Saturday [26 Sep 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Well hullo everyone. How are you? Have you all seen Rachel's new totally cute car. Its great. Well lets see friday wasn't horrible as classes were short but we had a great breakfast for seniors. We had pancakes, sausage, bacon, bagels, danishes and all sorts of food and drinks. Then when we got out of school rachel took me home in her new car and we had just gotten out of the parking lot when we noticed a note on her windowshield and we thought maybe someone was telling her she was in the parking spot or maybe someone had hit her car and that was their information. And we were driving so we couldn't stop so we just prayed the note wouldn't fly away. When i got out to get the note i just started laughing and then i handed it to her. It just said " cute car love Erica" we got so scared over this little sheet of paper. Then we got to my house and hung out for a few minutes then decided to go to B.J.'s, this amazing restaurant in Westlake Village. I had the clam chowder which was super yummy and then we ordered pazzokies(sp?) omg i think i died a little. You pick what kind of cookie you want ( i had white chocolate macadamia nut and rachel and chocolate chip) and then they back them in these little pies pans and so they are pretty bug and they are hot and they add ice cream on top. Omg these things are sooooooooo good. I'm craving one now that i have just described them to you. and then we took the scenic route home and stopped at her house to talk to her parents and take pictures of us in her car. When we got back to my place we watched 8 simple rules, complete savages, reba, and this one with andy dick and this girl with red hair. i forgot the name of the show. Anyway so that was friday, and saturday dad and i went to go get our hair done in the valley. I got my hair cut and coloured like ashlee simpson but the colour actually ended up coming out quite a bit lighter than we planned so i'm going to get it recoloured in about 2 weeks. But i luv my hair and its kinda hard getting used to seeing me as a brunette because its such a drastic change from my dirt blonde hair. so it looks great. Then we drove into callabases and went to la paz this great little mexican restaurant. Then we went to my uncle who lives righ tup the street and stayed there for a few hours. I saw some of kill bill the first one, and boy was its really relly violent because its partially anime so whew really scary.
Well that all, and i'll ttyal.

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Nobody Loves Me!!! [17 Sep 2004|07:45pm]
Atleast thats how i feel when no one has commented since school got back in. Does nobody luv me anymore? Lol i'm jk. anyway, i'm home alone for about 5 hours and i really don't want to do hw. Anyone want to go see wicker park. I'm desperate to get out of this houseRead more...Collapse )
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[11 Sep 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Hey everyone. I'm really tired and its only been less than a week at school. Amy, Liz, Melissa, Katy, and i went to a royal football game last night and saw porter, vance, and a few other people we knew there. The game itself wasn't very interesting but the company and the searching and discovering of guys was good enoughto make up for the $6 we paid to get in. Oh then i went to my soon to be aunt's bridal shower. Well it was really only her relatives there. I went with my aunt and grandmother as mum went to cory's soccer game. I hung out with my uncle half the time because i'm no where close in age to tara's relatives. One of the women asked my grandmother and aunt where my husband was!!!! lol i couldn't stop laughing when my grandmother told me. Me married @ 17, ha ha ha. Guess i looked a lot older than i really am. I'm looking up some information for my english project while i'm waiting for rachel to get here to work on our english project. Um not a lot going on here but does anyone want to go see wicker park tommorow? jw so leave me a note if you do it might or might not happen, cuz its a spur of the moment type thing. Call me because i might not check this post before tommorow. Um well i'll talk to you all on monday and look forward to only a 4 day week. Woo hoo. Oh today is spet. 11 so please take a moment to remember those who died in the trade centers and don't let their lives be sacrificed for no reason. Support the president even if you don't like them because they aren't in the easy position but they try their hardest. Thank-you and god bless.
~ erin

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pictures continued [31 Aug 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Read more...Collapse )

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Pictures of Czar and New York [31 Aug 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yeah so finnally after 2 weeks of putting it off, i put my pictures up. I hope you like them and if you look at them you must comment.Read more...Collapse )

" life is a bowl of oranges "

[30 Aug 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I swear i have the most guilty conciounes(sp?). I feel like i did something really bad. Anyway so i went to orientation today and i got my schedule. Read more...Collapse )

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Napoleon Dynamite [29 Aug 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Hey I just got back from a weekend at my grandmothers. I have so much fun when i'm at her house. While i was there we went to go see napoleon dynamite. It was such a cute movie. Read more...Collapse )

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I hate headaches and hurricane harbor [20 Aug 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I'll just say i don't like water parks because i hate wearing bathing suits with all these tiny ass girls around me. GGGGGGGggrrrrrr. anyway pressure for school. Like just over 2 weeks right? noooooooooo i still haven't read le morte d'arthur and its the longest book. I really don't want to finish the summary parts on my notecards because they take the longest so i'll just do it next week. I have had such a horrible headache that hasn't gone away for 2 days. I have slept so much and taken excedrin and water. and coffee. Tons of it. Ugh. I need to do back to school shopping soon because i only had 2 binders and a backpack for school. No pens no pencils no paper, zip nadda. Well i just found out hp is playing at the mann now so i think i'll go see it next week. Anyone want to come???? bored bored bored. Hey did i tell you all i have found a new obsession. Actually its just a joke that i have come to like. Its boxers. Haa haa haa. We went to new york and the 4 of us went into a store and looked around. Carlo picked out this thong that looked metallic Read more...Collapse )

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In luv again (illegally) With thorpe [15 Aug 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Haa haa haa actually its not illegal, just mum would laugh. I'll get to it later. Anyway i just got back from my trip. So much fun and so much to talk about before the olympics start. Ok so i got to the airport, got on my flight, got to the newark airport in nj and picked up my luggage. I waited to be picked up for 2 hours. Bridgette had gone to terminal a instead of terminal c.Read more...Collapse )

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Mel wants me to write [06 Aug 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hee hee hee. Only 8 hours till i leave to go to new jersey. Woo hoo. I'm so happy. I haven't seen bridgette in a few weeks and i can't wait to go to new york with her.Read more...Collapse )

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filling in survey's to pass the time [03 Aug 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

color: orange!!!!!!
shape: diamondRead more...Collapse )

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More random surveys [03 Aug 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | bored ]

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